UI Design - Illustration



Karine Diep, Ludovic Pouyaut, Morgane Sauneuf


Février - Juin 2020


School Project


Designer Interactif

Valiant is an interactive story, where the user embodies a seaplane pilot. Inspiring by a podcast by Dorine Bourneton, the project talks about the human bond that is created thanks to supply convoys in an isolated area.

Art Direction

For the logotype, we wanted a handwritten typography to evoke the narrative aspect of the project. The reference to topography allow us to symbolize adventure.

For each story, we created a specific color palette. For Alaska, we wanted an atmosphere that offered a dreamlike feel, while still maintaining some realism. The predominance of green emphasizes the importance of nature in the story.

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UI Design

Our creative axis was to transport the user into an illustrated, contemplative & immersive universe. Thus, we thought about a pure interface to let the emphasis on illustrations.